About Me  👦🏻

Hey there! I'm Alvin Kuang, a product designer living in the diverse San Francisco Bay Area. My passion is to create designs that empower people to have the agency to fulfill their vision and values.


My curiosity for psychology, relationship building, technology, arts, and design has led me to discover the power and dynamism of UX design. After experiencing the healthcare space, music tech industry, and professional social networking world, I realized the common thread that connected me to all those endeavors was my interest in emotional connections and empathetic thinking. These interests inform my design thinking approach-- focusing on the user from beginning to end.


In my free time, you can find me...

  • Practicing vinyasa yoga

  • Supporting the Asian American/POC/LGBT+ community

  • Staying active with dance, HIIT, and kickboxing classes

  • Trying to keep my succulents alive

  • Humorously discussing life philosophy

  • Exploring new cultures and unique food establishments

As someone who is energized by the presence of people and curious about learning through others, I am eager for collaborative opportunities to create impactful experiences together.


If my story resonates with you, please feel free to reach out so we can exchange ideas!