Hey there!  

My name is Alvin Kuang and I'm a Product Designer based in the SF Bay Area, with a background in UX/UI Design and Software Engineering.

Online Dating Management

Ligo aims to help individuals manage their online dating experience by streamlining and organizing the process. I identified features through user research and created an end-to-end high-fidelity prototype

Feature Enhancement

Spotify is a leader in the music streaming space looking to add features to further increase user engagement. I identified opportunities through user research and created a high-fidelity prototype for the client

Responsive Web Design

Worlds Yoga is a local yoga studio located in the SF Bay Area looking to update their existing online presence with a new look and feel. I created a responsive website for the client and extended their current branding guidelines

E-commerce Web Design

MIRROR is an existing clothing brand that is looking to create an online channel for their sales in addition to their offline stores. I created responsive designs for the website as well as updated their branding.